Exoskeleton by Revision Military

Exoskeleton by Revision Military
Integrated Soldier Protection Systems by Revision Military
Revision Military Prowler is a Human Augmentation System (HAS) Exoskeleton designed as a part of The Potential of Integrated Soldier Protection Systems.
Human Augmentation System (HAS) Exoskeleton
Exoskeleton by Revision Military on man

Previously, the Revision Military had been engaged in developing and manufacturing of the most advanced military eyewear and head protection systems. Now the company shows a new vision of full soldier's equipment including HAS Exoskeleton. The first prototype was presented at Special Operations Forces Industry Conference 2014 (SOFIC):

In 2015 the company presents This is Revision promo video of the next level equipment:

Similar exoskeleton devices, but in civil field, are already produced by Honda Robotics.